Programa de becas andaluzas

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM ANDALUZAS mobility between universities and Latin American

initiative is part of the programmatic activities of promotion of postgraduate and doctoral studies included in the Plan of Action of the AUIP. This program provides grants to promote and encourage INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY between Andalusian and Latin American universities associated with AUIP.

Amount of Grant:

1. For mobility between Andalusia-Latin America and vice versa:

Mode I: Grants to cover the international transfer up to a maximum of 1,400 euros .
Mode II: Grants for subsistence, if travel is already funded by another source, or the applicant so prefer, up to a maximum of $ 1,000 in a single payment.

2. For mobility between Andalusia-Portugal and vice versa:

Mode III: Grants to cover transportation expenses amounting to 700 euros .
Addressed to

  • Teachers and researchers.
  • Managers of postgraduate and doctoral programs.
  • Postgraduate and doctoral students.
  • Interested in pursuing master’s degrees or doctorates in the current year.
Application deadline: The Selection Committee will consider two deadlines for receipt of applications:
  • Until February 25, 2016.
  • Until 29 September 2016. ( NOTE : The scholarship application process is done through a web application that will be available from 15 March 2016. Scholarship applications will not be accepted, for this term before this date ).

More: is / scholarships-AUIP / 1180


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